To bring to light the nuances,
Those both big and small-
That would have otherwise
Been kept hidden,
Destined within the castle
Of dark unconscious halls


Anna Thorne is currently working on her B.S in photography at the University of Central Florida. She is pursuing the journey of exploration to discover and capture the self that continually lies within and, reflectively, around us.  She has been published multiple times in Halation, an international black and white  magazine and selected to be part of Enzian Theater's Brouhaha Film Festival in Orlando, Florida for her first short film, The Long Way Home, in 2015. She received the Museum's Choice Award for the Departure's Exhibition at the Southeastern Museum of Photography in May of 2016 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Anna also received  Honorable Mention for her series Soulful Equilibrium  in Prix de la Photographie, Paris' 2016 photography competition. Most recently, Anna was featured in the Orlando Science Center's Fusion Gallery Identity Turned Inside Out Exhibition in 2017.