Gender Identity: The Study of Man

Personal note/update:

An image is a direct mirror into the soul of the photographer, and that's a pretty terrifying fact.

Writing is a tool I've used for quite some years to express the things I would have no other way of fully explaining. Failing to accurately articulate my thoughts to others like normal people can do, I feel I've always made myself a bit alienated, because I'm more content with expressing myself through any other form than speech. This little fact I feel has led many people to believe that I'm a pompous girl that thinks she's better than everyone, but I've simply never cared to be the most social person, it's a trait I miserably fail in and I'm okay with that. I'm naturally an internal person and I'll always be thankful for this, because If I was naturally confident with speaking then I would have never turned to photography as a medium of expression in the first place.

Through my images I've slowly been able to begin attempting to articulate my message behind them. I like using photography because there is still a layer of protection, it's not like a page of my journal where everything is blatantly stated. There is still room for people to interpret them in several different ways, and I think that's important to understand. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences,  making us interpret everything slightly different from the next person. Realizing this, I know that as personal as these portraits are to me, they are also personal to each viewer's world in some way.

Lately, I've begun to see the importance and freedom in the expression of articulation through the realm of relationships. This dynamic has been a direct influence on the way I approach my relationship with my work, because I'm in the baby stages of expressing what I want the model to convey on a deeper sense beyond the physical pose or look itself. This revelation has allowed me to shift from self-portraits, to being able to photograph others (others as in one person, but that's a start for me) who I am comfortable with to fully open up to about my true intentions behind the images. This has been a really expansive shift for me, and I'm excited to grow in this ability.

Do me a favor? Read This:

My favorite thing is hearing how people interpret my work because I get to see a piece of their world and see how my images pull that out for them. So this week, I would be beyond grateful if you could take just a moment to look at these images and let me know what response they pull out of you. Whatever it may be, leave a comment and let me know, I would be most grateful to you!

The main idea going into the images I want viewers to question is this: We instinctually associate most gender experiences as either fully masculine or completely feminine, so what happens when we enter the space of in-between? Is a man posed as a woman, or is the man posed in an emotional state we immediately classify as being under the strictly feminine category?