Society and Its Need for Rigid Definitions

No person is ever stagnant, no matter how slowly or quickly the change, we are always evolving into a different person.

No person is ever stagnant, no matter how slowly or quickly the change, we are always evolving into a different person.



Whose to say what is what or who is who, is the sky really clear, is the ocean even blue? inner rap monster came out for a second, but now I'll continue off that deep poetic tangent. I know the photographs I make say more about myself then whatever tangible entity may be present in the frame. So, these pictures, as much as they may be (or not) true to the internal state of the model, they are direct expressions of my current state of questioning: Who am I? what makes me, well, me? Is it the degree I get or my hobbies, the movies I enjoy and the music I listen to? Am I my social skills, the days when I wear all pink and the days when I'm damn near dressed as a homeless person? What defines me? And why is our society so stuck on the need to define everybody?

The largest definitions I think we place on people as a culture are two things: sex and race. But those things are only external aspects of the shell carrying the actual true essence of who we are. In these two sets I was probing at the definition of femininity. 

So the typical minds will naturally connect a short haircut and military pants to a masculine view. Why? Did you know there were women involved in combat in the Revolutionary, Civil, and Mexican Wars that could only fight if they were disguised as men. Those women fought the same way they would have without a disguise, yet they would have been viewed as weak in comparison to the men they were alongside. The model is a representation of this mindset so many fail to question: Why do we view the female figure as any different then we would have viewed a male? 

We are never stagnant. Too often we have an opinion one day and then tell ourselves that opinion is now a part of our being until the day we die, never again questioning that opinion because it is now a fact about ourselves. In my opinion, that is a great folly. I have differentiating thoughts multiple times a day, nothing is ever factual when it's in the realm of subjectivity. So, yes I dare say the law of gravity is here to stay, but these are not the things I'm speaking about. Our thoughts, ideas, debates, ideas, are they nothing but expressions of who we are for that short time, albeit an hour or for years, but everyone and everything is always in a state of flux. I believe one should always be questioning, never simply accept. That belief is something that is inherently a part of my personality, and this is but a small piece of this personal quest to question, reconstruct, and toss away the definitions that have been handed down to us.