The Broke and Lonely-ish Artist

The past few weeks have been an intense struggle to kindle the flame of creativity. All artists, no matter a writer, sculptor, painter, poet, photographer, etc. ride in this never ending roller coaster of extreme highs and detrimental lows. There can be an endless list of factors that contribute to this block, be internal or external. It's important for the artist to not just get over the hurdle but to discover the root cause or causes of the dilemma. 

From experience in this current rut, I found myself with a short list of one very dense factor:

1) Lack of continuous positive support from my environment

Support is a huge role in anyone's dreams, goals and desires. Feeling alone is especially hard for those of us who find it difficult to see our own worth. As miserable as this understanding is, it puts us in a place of a deciding factor: will you always let your environment rule you, or will you develop a new lens of self worth so you no longer have to depend so heavily on the supportive or unsupportive environment around you?

It's important to remember that creative minds are on a different field of thinking in comparison to the more conventional minds, so expecting others on a different mindset from you to understand and encourage you the way you need is a far fetched idea. 

With lack of a continuous supportive environment, feeling alone can put a great stress on any artist. This shift, if conquered, will make an artist mentally stronger and therefore able to get through times of distress quicker the next go round, but it's not going to be an easy battle. Pull up your boot straps and hold on to the ones that understand because it's going to be a rough travel- but if it were an easy path to be an artist, where would we get our experience for our next idea? If an artist is temporarily stuck in this environment remember to try to pull as much benefit from it as you can, you never know, maybe you're next idea is amidst the rubble surrounding you. 

This leads to the next question: why keep yourself in a negative environment? External factors such as money? I know that's my problem, like nearly every artist, or heck, every person. It's a tough cycle to be in. If I wanted to make money I would tell my soul's craving of creating to simply shut up and go to business school, unfortunately my soul would never let me do such a thing. A true artist's goal isn't to make money, but to use their medium to express the deeper questions stirring within in hopes their expression will help themselves, and maybe other people as well. I wish I didn't have to worry about such a physical entity, if I had enough to eat and create I would be overwhelmingly happy. But, to continue this cycle in reality one must continually be circulating money, but how? This struggle can put a huge strain on the artist- cutting their creativity for the sake of having to be distracted by the nuisance need of money. This is the struggle I'm currently undertaking, as lonely as it can feel sometimes, my dearest friend reminds me we are both in the same boat. We both hold many abilities but are in the shift of discovering how to use them for their highest potential worth to bring us the monetary needs we must attain to allow us to keep creating and becoming.

Believe in yourself and believe in the goals you have placed, the mind is a powerful tool.