Two Seasons

Rain Clouds follow throughout the day,
To sometimes glimpse Sun through Rain
And when the Sun - from time to time - stays to shine
I will bask in the warmth until it soon decides,
To leave me to my darkness, deeply divine;
Where the seasons change, dear I will follow,
None have dared to stay amidst this Sorrow,
They stay while warming rays bask in full display,
But when Rain hits they are stumbling on their way;
For I push them to leave before it gets too heavy,
I force them so, for my Storm is quite deadly
For such faint of heart they will not survive,
I save them before I destroy their life;
And there alone, against the Raging Sea,
I fall, drowning in deafening misery,
And just as I think my last breath is drawn,
As I thank the Solitude for staying along,
I enter the eye of my own hurricane, 
Where I shall live all along
Until -