The Birth of Female Spiritualism (The transcendence of feminism)

         Do not belittle the spiritual evolution of woman to ‘feminist’. Simply because a work of art is centered around a female character overcoming an opposing force does not materialize it to the bland stage of feminist. My work is not feminist. If I, and resolutely my work, am to be labeled, I choose it to be within the philosophy of spiritualism. The purpose behind my work is not to empower woman, but to evolve the spirit of self. In so doing, woman will be empowered in a greater way that exceeds the realm of earthly empowerment that feminism embodies. Feminism is only one small step towards the freedom of our souls. Feminism is a phenomenal and revolutionary movement in order to illuminate individuals who are likely to be not yet conscious of the ultimate endeavor. Why is it the female? Why, from the beginning, was the individual spirit of woman oppressed? I am unsure. Despite this unknowing, the fact remains: woman has been lead by another outside of herself for the majority of existence. The soul must learn to focus on herself, and this is done by leading her own existence. She, the soul, is within every person who takes a breath. Whether you are named man or woman, the soul within you is waiting to be released. She is waiting for you to listen, for you to lay your material existence down, and let her lead us to freedom.