Improvising: The Poor Girl's Method

I have an assignment to photograph the wonderful subject of glass this week. Being that I don't have my own studio (yet), I get to improv all of my assignment with common household items to create a professional quality image. And, since all the rooms have natural light coming in, I wait until after sunset to start the assignment to make sure all the lighting being used is directed by myself. I quite enjoy this task more than being in a studio, sure it could always look a little more perfect, but so could an image shot in the finest studio. It all comes down to the effort, and in this case, I am most enveloped in assignments when I have to create every aspect of it. 

As You can see, this is the setup I decided would be the best to work with: I cleared off our desk and used the foil as the reflectors to give definition to the edges of the glass. I bought the placemat at the thrift store to use as the background along with the attachable lamp used as the main lighting source. I then had Jonathan hold a flag (piece of cardboard) over the light so the only light was directed onto the glass as a spotlight, avoiding the illumination of the background. 

And...this was my final result! Just a few quick minutes of editing and voila!