You Came To Unfreeze Me

I can hardly think to breathe,
I can’t think of how to speak,
The world spins so sickening
While my mind is a frozen stream
Everyone troddens upon
Without a second thought,
Without a second look
To see what they are doing:
Destructing my helpless lot-
Destroying my own puny thoughts.
They fight and they bicker 
As to what my stream shall do,
If it should look back or move on
As not to be a petty fool -
But what about me,
Has anyone thought to ask
The poor little stream?
Has anyone thought to help
My frozen being to become free?
So it can make it’s own decisions
Without you thieves deciding for me,
You that steal my precious decisions -
But you move and you roar
Only to miss what I mean and ignore,
Saying you are protecting my fate,
While I sit, frozen in the middle,
Waiting for the decision to be made.