Illusional Realism

Excerpt from my journal

"I watch - I observe - a single blade of grass, and in a slow-motion-instant I see a centripetal replication of that single blade. I see the patterns. We all can, we just have to look. Answers are always in-front of us. Connect. The answers live in nature. I watch the walls breathe, I watch them stretch. Why? Not because I want them to, but by observation, without ego. We confine - as a collective - walls to be unwavering and erect, but what if the collective could watch their own four walls breathe? The entire world, the entire universe, would change. We are one with all. All is one with us. Balance. Are you the traditional brick wall, or the receptive one? - It is never that you cannot see, only that a form of ego is clouding your view."