Read Between the Lines

A few years back I came across Tyler Knott Gregson's Blackout Poetry. I thought it was a wonderfully unique idea to use the limitless boundaries of one page to create a brand new story within the available words. I never intended to use this form of art, I simply appreciated it.

However, just today, I came across a book I've had in my room that has quite a story behind it. I stopped reading halfway into it, abandoning it. Upon returning to it today, I opened it up to see that I had left off at a chapter titled "On My Own". It was odd, nearly instinctively I picked up the nearby highlighter and began to see the words I was looking for in each strike of the highlighter. I thank the author of High Infatuation, Steph Davis, for writing such a wonderful book that helped me to see the words that were in front of me all along that I was once blinded from. These subsequent images are from the chapter "On My Own". 

This chapter gave me such an open canvas to work with, I am thankful to both Davis and Gregson for the work they have created, and therefore played a vital role in making the following pages possible, along with the person who gave me the book and the ensuing experiences this work is inspired from.