Private Isolation

Private Isolation

Never be afraid of your darkness, to expose it - for bringing that darkness into light, you have conquered it. It is those that fail admittance to their darkness - that allow it to sit and fester - that carry the heaviest shadows. 


Blood flood

Empty veins 

Grinning smile 

Clever display 

Tired corpse 

Walking galore 

Expensive shoes

Empty floor 

Torn heart 

Fragmented apart

Tied together 

Fragile strings

Be careful 

The masquerade 

Elegant ball

Faltering mask

Fully exposed 

Release alas 

Twisted insides 

Falling round 

Sad pieces

Crying about  

Beautiful mess

Expensive dress

Torn apart

To show

The truth: 

My mess

Yes I,

Am broken,

Are you? 



Wake up

Can’t breathe

Death’s cusp

Muscles froze

Head exposed

Wide awake

Eyes closed

Terror dream

Shadow’s creep

Creatures reap

Angelic soul’s

Passing fright

Infant light

Prepare defeat

Evil night