My First Museum Showing

Well, I can't believe I've already been studying photography for two years. It all feels like yesterday, fumbling around with the understanding of aperture to shutter speed, developing my first roll of black and white film and getting anxiety just thinking about learning studio lighting. Time truly flies when you're learning what you're passionate about, after all, this is something I've wanted to do since 7th grade. 

For graduating the A.S section of my degree, the school held our Departure's Exhibition at the Southeastern Museum of Photography. My dad, featured via selfie, came along for the showing, or maybe the dinner afterwards...

I was beyond joyed to find out my self-portraits were selected, as those are my most personal, and therefore most expressive, works I have done and am most passionate about. I use photography to express those thoughts, ideas and experiences I have personally encountered that go beyond words. I write, a lot, but sometimes there are moments when the writing doesn't feel complete in my soul and that is when I know it's time for my camera to help bring my soul peace and understanding, or at least help me to get a little closer to those two things. 

By having a genuine desire to express myself to help understand my own inner workings, I in turn hope my images can help the viewer to discover and question more about themselves. 

There were two awards received tonight, and I was ecstatic to receive the Juror's Choice Award. It was strange, because earlier that morning as I was going through my work I got very upset with myself, thinking about deleting many files and telling myself I've been 'creating' nothing but garbage. I tend to be hard on myself, but I'm thankful for that, because I keep me motivated. Anyways, I know I will have more days like this, so it will be nice that when I come across one of those days during school, I can walk down the hall and see my image hanging on the wall, and remember to keep going and to never give up. After all, this is just the beginning.

Society's Cage - The Juror's Choice Award Selection