Update: Somber Repose

   I have quickly realized an explanation to my video, Somber Repose, would be needed. As it being my second video I've ever made, I have numerous things to learn and understand, this is just the beginning of the work I wish to illustrate. Below is an explanation of my intentions and a description that will better help the viewer before watching the film.

Intention behind Somber Repose:

   Somber Repose is an experimental self-documentary acted, written, voiced, shot and edited by myself, Anna Thorne.  I took control over every aspect of this film in order to most effectively illustrate the metaphors and meanings for every noise, word and movement.

   As flawed humans our minds have difficulty sitting still, being aware and remaining present. Shots were elongated with little movement to slow down the natural mind of the viewer in order to further bring them into the experience I am portraying of walking within a dream.  With minds naturally in a state of desire to ‘finish’ rather than remain ‘present’, the apparent sedating movement of the film forces the viewer to put aside their personal matters for a moment to become fully engulfed, consciously or unconsciously, by the ethereal imagery of the film.  This film is a form of moving meditation to break the viewer free from the control of their authoritarian mind. With this, the film consequently makes the mind uncomfortable, for the mind would rather experience that which it has experienced before, out of the sake of grounding in knowing what to expect.

   Repetition was used as an imagery-stimulant to illustrate the viewers’ own repetition they most often are not aware of in their own lives.  Again, our minds convince us, through ego, that we are not repeating experiences for the reason one experience is never exactly the same as a previous one. However, this very thinking that repetition does not occur in one's life is a redundant trap and viscous cycle in itself.  Also, with minds already naturally in disagreement with the elongated movement throughout the film, repetition must be used in order to attempt capturing the deeper attention of the viewer that lies past the deep layer of ego’s judgment.

   The imagery portrayed consists in severe subtlety for the intention that it will surpass the ego’s attempt of understanding to penetrate the deeper set core understanding that lies within the soul of the viewer. The black and white effect was used on shots to illustrate the limited perception we have in reality versus the limitless ‘color’ of imagination we acquire within the dream state.  The sleeper is used to represent the collective of society who may be literally awake, but internally and unconsciously fast asleep. The open walking path leading the girl into the forest is to represent leaving the predicted established world she has lived in and now walking into a new and unknown state. The environment of the deep forest is to demonstrate the frightful cavernous and mysteriousness of wandering within our very own minds.  The reptilian animals seen in the film are used in accordance with their totem meanings. Lizards are represented as messengers to tell one to be unafraid in taking on big dreams and to trust in their own intuition.  People often regard snakes as cunning and evil, but their totem represents transformation. This represents the transition the girl begins by walking into the forest. The music, black screen effect and silent moments in the film are all used to further extend the feeling of isolation, unearthliness and unhurried state the film portrays in hope to also bring the viewer into that state as well.  

   Overall, this film was created with the foremost intention of assisting myself in understanding the experiences which I have gone through, and subsequently in hopes my journey to understanding will assist others to ask themselves the meaning of their own existence that extends past their daily routine.