Fate: Relations

This is something I wrote sometime last week. It's important to me because of the connotation we associate with the word Fate. It's a topic I find myself writing about quite frequently.

Just a year ago I believed it was something predetermined that I was subjected to with complete surpassment of my puny self. Whether 'good' or 'bad', what has already been written will fold out as it has already been decided. I was Fated to be in misery, to be in dark corners of the mind, to be treated without empathy. I believed this. This thinking is a trap from darkness. 

You play an immensely large part in your Fate. You have a high degree of control over it. Time has shown over and over again that it is not what you wish to happen in your life that will come true, but what you have most exposed yourself to. In my own life, I can understand the great truth in this. This is why we believe Fate is uncontrollable, because we never break the internal or physical environments we dwell within. 

If you grow up with your first relationship being filled with mistrust, cheating, misery, forcefulness, belittlement and abuse then you are more likely to direct yourself towards more people of that nature for years, or even the rest of your life. You do this not because you desire to be treated that way, but because it's what you're used to. This video is a great explanation I found on this subject many months ago. I believed that was the truth and there was nothing I could do about it, but it doesn't stop there.  

It isn't easy breaking the chains we inherit, but it is possible. Recognition is the first step. Light is waiting at the end of that cliche tunnel; Happiness, joy, FREEDOM; it's all waiting. Profoundness emanates to a degree in the darkness, but innumerably in the light. To get there, all you have to do is Take A Chance