Water transforms between a constant solid, a vaporous gas and a mysterious liquid. While each change occurs, the molecules adjust and shift never to be quite the same as prior. The most recent state to be more fully understood is that of the liquid phase.

Drowning has been a common metaphor to associate with many aspects of life recently. From Lem's Solaris, Kate Chopin's Awakening, watching cigarette buds float in rain filled trays to finding a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly called to the sunken sands of the beach, it's a short supply of life's oxygen that annihilates the spirit into the unstable waters of our own personal hauntings. 

By understanding liquid as a phase, rather than a contradictory stable state, one is provided with breath of hope by the law of transformation.

Fight against the rising tide
Breathe deep, never stop clawing at the light
Clinging on to what we got