Innate Connection

I was questioned about my belief in the importance of the viewer when it comes to any medium of art, and this was my response:

   The initial intention behind a work, in my opinion, must be from the creator's heart and soul. This is the only way for any piece of art to fulfill its ultimate truth. If a work is created for someone or by someone else's idea or experience outside of the creator than it is immediately impossible for the creator to fully express the concept because they cannot express something that which they do not have full personal experience with. This is only the first half of the problem, though. The second is the final product in all aspect of technical subject matter to conceptual subject. This is where the bridge gets tested from the creator to the viewer. It is true that the initial conception of the work must come from the creator, and by this the indirect conception evolves by the creator for the hope that others can connect and identify with the work or parts of it. While there will be varying feelings about a work, it is important for the creator to stay true to their intention. I believe the artist evolves to a great creator when they stand beside their intention while also being equally open of listening to the viewers/critics/etc. outlooks to decide whether or not there is more expansion to be done in order to evolve the work to become the best of its capability. Finally, as humans we have an innate need to connect and art is just one example of this truth ( (Links to an external site.)).