Why Does She Make Art?

Art is a form of journeying towards the understanding of the oneness. For example, I do not need to make a physical art form out of each experience I go through. While true awareness recognizes the complete unity within all, this physical existence as you know it to be true isn't quite as present to the ultimate truth. For some situations, they are instantaneous and therefore require no physical expression labelled as art in order to understand the direct connection. Other ones continually reoccur from past experiences that still remain unsolved towards the human perception of the unified connectivity in the now. Those deep experiences require additional 'time' for the physical existence to understand. Due to this reoccurring theme, I must create a physical art of perspective replication and creation in order to get to the ultimate connectedness transcendent beyond the duality of 'other'.

Ultimately, it is a matter of societally deemed sanity. Art is my physical language to search, express and understand the ongoing journey of shedding from the past and existing purely and fully within the present moment that exists just beyond my two windows. Art is my language on how to heal. Without art as my companion to Self from the physical standpoint, I would be lost within the samsara I have once lived before.