The Samsara of Commercialism

Constant movement - nonstop. There is no peace and mindfulness here. Chaos of unstoppable chitter chatter filling the thoughts within the minds of wandering bodies. The atmosphere is fun and bright - so why do I see so many people unhappy deep down? They are watching their favorite band but the dissatisfaction flickers in their eyes. Do they know? Do they know what they're searching for? Do they know their in a cycle of karmic repeat? They are decorated in societally claimed hip clothing and eating delicious food, but the glimmer is dull. The music drums on and they can't quite understand why their satisfaction runs dry until they buy another futile object or meet another person to fill the void of self. I have to sit here and watch the self, waiting patiently, to become aware. I cried at the barrenness and was at once reminded of the cycle. The trees are not always green, sometimes they must wither and die to be reborn. I understood the unconsciousness that persisted around the environment was beautiful - for it will make the awakening that much more powerful. No duality exists, it is all a part of the same path. Different paths but yet all entwined within the same journey. We are all one.

This is a one minute stop-motion video through the lens of my perception as written above.