Create to Emulate

I once believed my cells were a prison 

Ruled by genetics beyond my small prism 

Until one day a voice said to me

Your beliefs are the creator of your biology 

Cells live on without your genes,

A proven fact that you are, indeed,  free! 

Fill your body with all forms of positivity: dreams, thoughts, words, food

I have learned the purpose of creating, for my own self of course. Up until just recently I was creating in a way that expressed personal experiences, those that I could not quite understand from the experience alone. I found myself getting caught in this vicious cycle: expressing those events that carry no helpfulness in terms of my becoming. With my last project, I felt in my soul that it was a farewell to this old perception I had. It has now turned into creating in a way to promote positivity. Whether it is from an experience already past or one I wish to attain, it is in the light of personal transcendence.