Fibers to Light

"You're hair is gone!" "It was so pretty long" "Why did you cut it all off?" "Will you let it grow long now?" - Those are just a few bundle of words I recall receiving upon my decision to shave my head. They were equally accompanied by "You're so brave" "I bet that feels amazing!" "You really pull it off". In all the experiences I have had with less than a week of doing this, I have realized something immensely important: ultimately none of those words mattered to me. Why? Because I shaved it for my Self.

The idea of having a shaved head blossomed sometime just over a year ago. I had long hair then, almost always wearing it up in a high knot during the day and letting it down at night before bed. I saw images of girls who had shaved their head and my perception was only there to look at them. I was not yet at the point in my life to truly go through with the action because I had not yet experienced the turning point of my Self realization. Upon coming across a video on why several of these girls had shaved their heads, I had a discussion with a close male friend. I was told those girls were only doing it for attention and that shaving my head would take away my identity. He continued with other remarks of declarations and once I heard I should not do it from him, the choice had been made.

It is interesting to think back on that time and see the ego definition of 'identity' through the lens I have now. Back then, I carried a very limited lens that kept me from confidence. I was always seeking for 'others' to tell me I am pretty, smart and all those other characteristics that are nothing more than enslavements. My identity is not my clothing, skin, hair, nothing external. My true source of identity is beyond the human perception of such. Upon realizing this, it is freeing to be completely detached to how I look on the outside. 

This is but another form of expression for me; of a freedom that has bestowed upon me an enlightening truth that I am. I hope this form of expression can reach out to 'others' who are still kept under the notion that they have to stay within societies standards in order to be accepted. Once you realize your Self is the only one who needs accepted, all else falls away.