Environmental Dissolve (2016)

   Throughout existence, does one not have to dissolve to environments, temporarily or permanently, in order to associate with the collective surrounding? Does it matter whether a subject gives consent to the act of dissolving or not?

   This project uses six people to cohesively bond their personal experiences of dissolving, despite each images’ obvious dissociation by environment. Each environment directly represents a prime facet that serves as a cornerstone to their lives, through the scope of my perspective. Though they dissolve within different worlds, by the mere act itself, they aggregate within the same experience, creating the ultimate blanket bond.

Surpassing Space, Transcending Time (2015-2016)

The thickness of your veil gives way to the clarity of sight; The intensity of your dependence provides the strength of independence; your allowance to be subdued creates ability to overcome; the depths of your darkness releases the height of  your prevail. To spite your deepest fears is the greatest rebellion towards the freedom of soul. 

Chaos in Cosmos (2015)

Personal dualities represented by exposing each sheet of film twice with my 4x5 field camera.